Spotlight: Rosa Padilla

Years at Project Insight: 15

Rosa has always valued compassion, family, and honesty. These values power the engine that have kept her working in the field of direct care to individuals with disabilities for almost twenty-five years. This foundation was established by her mother. She was a hard-working, single mother of seven, who always made sure her kids were taken care of regardless of what was happening in her own life. Rosa says her mother is her hero, and that is evident in the energy she puts in to her clients, family, and flower garden.

As a single mother herself, Rosa believes her upbringing and line of work have fostered a deeper connection between her and her family. Because this field demands a patient attention towards an individual’s needs, Rosa has taught her children by example to listen to one another, to care, and to love.

Rosa is proud to work as a care provider for Project Insight for the past fifteen years. In a field in which each client is different, and each day you can expect the unexpected, the communication, dependability, and friendly staff at Project Insight have anchored her to the company. “Any troubles, any questions, they are there. I can talk to them without hesitation, and learn a lot from them. I am very grateful.”